With kindness

Even if your kindness is not acknowledged or appreciated, it is worth your effort. When you experience yourself giving genuine kindness, that always has value to you.

Kindness brings out the best in you, strengthens your strengths, mitigates your weaknesses. Kindness connects you like nothing else can.

Kindness has its greatest power when you are least inclined to offer it. Kindness can be vastly more effective at resolving discord than anger, contempt or retribution.

Being the first to offer kindness can give you a powerful advantage. Persisting in your kindness, you can use that advantage to everyone’s benefit.

Genuine kindness, accompanied by genuine humility, makes life significantly better for you and those around you. Kindness has a power that is difficult to ignore, difficult to oppose, difficult to stop.

Whatever you do, do it with kindness. And achieve optimum results for everyone involved.

— Ralph Marston

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