Get Specific

Get specific

You can’t get anything done unless you know exactly what you intend to do. You won’t create a better world until you clearly and precisely define the elements that will constitute that better world.

It’s great that you seek to be your best. Yet you must also get clear about what that is and why you want it in the first place.

Specific goals lead to concrete achievements, for the day, the quarter, a lifetime. Vague wishes and ill-defined intentions result in a lot of wasted time and opportunity.

You have the amazing ability to define what you intend to do and then to actually do it. Over and over again, you can create good and valuable results in any area of life.

It’s not always easy to focus that ability but it’s absolutely necessary. Before you can do the work to achieve, you must do the demanding work to clearly define what you will achieve.

You can pick any destination as long as it is a specific destination. Know exactly where you’re going, and you’ll give yourself the ability to get there.

— Ralph Marston

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